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The Small craft training in Hay River
The Small craft training in Hay River
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The Small craft training in Hay River
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The Small craft training in Hay River
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The Small craft training in Hay River
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Retired CCGA-CA Members

Over the last few years, many have pondered what could be done to honour members for their service to the Auxiliary when they retire. In the past, when a member no longer wished to be active such as when they became physically unable to continue or wanted to retire, there was no real position or place for them except to be put on the inactive list. This left them out of the ´family´.

Retired Membership is for all members in good standing retiring with at least 10 years of active service in the CCGA. There is no distinction as to rank attained nor to what function they had, be it SAR, Boating Safety or Administration.


To apply for Retired Status please fill out the application form found in the Document Library and submit it as directed on the form

Retired Members with 25 Years of Service

25 + Years of Service

The following members have retired after 25 years of service to the CCGA

Richard (Butch) Dompierre

Unit Leader of CCGA unit FANCY CANOE # 131 - Tasked to Lake St. Clair, Southern Lake Huron and Western Lake Erie.

During his years of service to the CCGA Butch attained the following positions: Unit Leader, Coxswain, BSA, PCCC, DTC, Director of Operations, and Operations Manager.

And was recognized for his service by CCGA and awarded the following;
    - Certificates of Appreciation
    - Administrative Excellence Medals (2)
    - Exemplary Service Medal
    - Leadership Medal
    - Life Membership,
    - 30 Year Service Pin and
    - Retirement Status

His accomplishments were: 30 years SAR Coxswain (200+ taskings), Training Committees, ISAR Organizing Committee, Cox-Team Canada ISAR 2007 (1st Place SAR Planning), Initiated and lead Service Award & Ribbons, Retirement Status, and AIS, Drouin as our Kit Shop, HOTT Human Organ & Tissue Transport.

Most Positive Influences: Jack Krugar, John Hanbridge, Ron Quick, Murray Miner, Jim Gram, Don Limoges, Jack Goodman, Danny Coultis, Mark Gagnon, Bob Doran and last but not least, Anne Dompierre.

“It has been my pleasure to have been able to serve this wonderful organization for the last 31 years” Butch Dompierre.

Richard (Butch) Dompierre

Anne Dompierre

Anne is a Charter Member of CCGA FANCY CANOE. She attained the position of Advanced Crew and was an integral member of the crew ready to lend a hand wherever and whenever needed. Anne received a National Certificate of Appreciation (ISAR 2007) and the Long Service Medal.
Anne Dompierre

Neil Jardine

Enrolled in 1978 with the CMRA as part of Post 96 aboard the vessel Miss Jan, later a Pontoon boat was added as a secondary vessel. About 3 years later the pontoon was sold and replaced by a 16ft. Avion with 90hp outboard which was loaned to the unit from CCG. In about 1989 the unit moved from Forest to Sarnia and received the retired Sarnia Police Boat which was operated as the SARU. This vessel has been completely refurbished and is now the Colchester Guardian.

Over the years Neil preformed countless Courtesy Vessel Checks. He was also part of the first “Train the Trainer” class for the Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check courses. While doing boating safety Neil attended numerous boat shows and emergency response days throughout District 3. Safety talks were also given to many youth groups, service clubs and other organizations.

Neil served as District 3´s Boating Safety Coordinator and also carried out the position of District Director for 2 years.

“I am proud to have served the CCGA for over 35 years aboard the Miss Jan, Pontoon, Ava, SARU and currently Point SAR being tasked to many successful rescues and sadly a number of recoveries. I leave the CCGA knowing that there are a lot of great younger members ready to step up and carry on, and I am ready to step aside and let the new generation take over” Neil Jardine.

Neil Jardine

Peter Graham

Peter joined TOWARF Unit 008 (based in Oakville) of then the brand new Canadian Marine Rescue Auxiliary (CMRA) which would evolve into the CCGA of today during its first year of operation for the now CCGA in 1979. After a few years Peter was elevated through the ranks to the position of Coxswain one if his proudest achievements. Working with the crew as a team remained the ultimate experience regardless of which unit he belonged to, be it either TOWARF (Oakville), GAMRU (Grimsby) or POCOMAR (Port Colborne).
Peter was asked to become one of the original Auxiliary SAR Instructors and taught classes across the District and Region for all courses that the Auxiliary had to offer in their program. A strong supporter of the efforts to improve the training program, he participated in the initiatives for upgrades to the training regime over the years and was a champion of basic seamanship skills with classroom and the on water training. Peter was active in training until his retirement.
Unit Level Activity
      - Crew Coxswain at 3 separate units (TOWARF/ GAMRU/ POCOMAR
      - Unit executive level work at TOWARF and GAMRU
District Level Activity
     - District Training Coordinator (multiple times).
     - District Deputy Director
     - District Director (twice)
Regional Level Activity
     - Corporate Secretary
A keen supported of the community class units Peter participated in the design, build and commissioning of the 2 Dovercraft Class 35 foot steel hull twin diesel SAR vessels presently in service on Lake Ontario (Grimsby) and Lake Erie (Port Colborne).
Initiatives Peter implemented because he is a strong believer in communications for the membership was a quarterly newsletter and District specific website. At the Regional level Peter launched the first website for the membership providing them with access to training records/materials and Board related documents.
Peter was recognized for his service and efforts by the CCGA and awarded the following:
     - Long Service Medal (25 years)
     - Administrative Excellence Medal
     - Medal of Exemplary Service
 Peter will remain active supporting the local units.

Peter Graham

Carlo Caligaro

As a volunteer, Carlo joined Hamilton Beach  Rescue in 1974.  HBRU joined the CMRA in 1986.  Carlo´s membership # is 1134.  By December 1998 Carlo had completed SAR I, II and III. In addition, he completed the OBS 1 course (CSVE).
Carlo undertook additional SAR courses in 1999, 2003 and 2006.
He says: “ I thoroughly enjoyed being a PCCC (#236) examiner and speaking to many boaters about safety, navigation and etc.”
“I took a course and certified as an examiner / instructor for the ROC maritime.  Along the way I became chief of the Hamilton Beach Rescue unit.  Throughout my life I have enjoyed all aspects of your organization (CCGA) It made me achieve many outside goals beyond family and what´s important in life.”
“I wish you and the CCGA all the best in the future and thank you for all the work being done.”

Carlo Caligaro

Bill G. Powell

Bill joined TOWARF in 1970 and has been an active member of this unit for forty (40) years.  He was a well respected crew member and coxswain and a strong supporter of the CCGA which he joined in 1978 at its inception.

Michael R Croxford

Mike was a valued member and Coxswain of the Fancy Canoe from 1984 to 2010.  He readily responded to SAR taskings at any time, day or night. The Fancy Canoe is based in Wallaceburg Ontario.  The area of coverage is from southern Lake Huron to Western Lake Erie with most centered in Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River.  Mike was also a SAR Instructor and very active in SAR Prevention which resulted in travelling almost every weekend during the summer months.
Michael R Croxford

Richard Beriault

While his many years of service with the CCGA never warranted any rewards, Richard gained considerable satisfaction with the thought of potentially saving lives.  Richard was a crew member with the TOWARF facility in Oakville Ontario and served for 25 years with this organization.
Richard Beriault

Donald R Grant

Served between 1979 and 2006 (Picton, ON. Lake Ontario)

In 1979, Don first heard of the CMRA - as it was called then - and contacted John Hanbidge. Don and his crew have completed well over 200 incidents in his 27 years as a volunteer in Search and Rescue.
Donald R Grant
Retired Members with 20 Years of Service

20 Years of Service

The following members have retired after 20 years of service to the CCGA

John D. Kennedy

John Kennedy, known more as Jack, retired from the Canadian Coast Guard in 1988 after 35 years of service.  Jack joined the CCGA as a vessel owner /operator in 1987 and operated the tug Cambrian based in Parry Sound.  Over the years, Jack was an active participant in SAR activities as well as many training events.  He kept his crew abreast of all CCGA aspects.  Jack was a regular at CCGA AGMs.  
John D. Kennedy

Robert J Doran

Bob was a valued member and coxswain of the Fancy Canoe from 1988 to 2010.  He readily responded to SAR calls at any time.  The most frequent taskings took place on Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River.  Bob´s life long interest in boating and fishing on Lake St. Clair offered valuable knowledge in bringing success to many rescues.

Irene Jardine

In 1978 Irene unofficially became part of the CRMA with husband Neil by providing various support tasks required to operate the unit, everything from cleaning to fundraising.
Irene joined the Auxiliary originally as a volunteer to write the Shipmate newsletter which she did for a number of years before the CCGA highlights could be accessed through the website.

She also became part of the Boating Safety unit in District 3 and over the years have spoken to thousands of people promoting boating safety and the CCGA. She participated in the “Train the Trainer” for OBS and taught other members OBS 1, 2 and 3. Many weekend were spent with her husband Neil at boat shows, emergency response days and other events. Irene travelled throughout the District giving presentations to various groups and organizations during the week when many other members were unavailable to attend du to work commitments. She also completed the training to operate Bobbie the Safety Boat and trained others in the District to use him. When Bobbie was available to the District they would attend as many events as possible and greet people of all ages.

Irene was also the Director of Boating Safety until the program ended.

“I am proud to have been able to have served as a member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary and to have been recognized by my fellow members when I received the medal of Administrative Excellence and a CCGA Lifetime membership” Irene Jardine.

Irene Jardine
Retired Members with 15 Years of Service

15 Years of Service

The following members have retired after 15 years of service to the CCGA

Barb Cook

Served between 1990 and 2005 (Grimsby, ON. Lake Ontario)

Barb joined GAMRU, based in Grimsby in 1990. From the beginning she was active in both the active SAR role as well as supporting the unit in it´s fundraising program. Barb held an active role and through her training was rated to the Advanced crew level position. She turned down a Coxswain role when work commitments prevented her from dedicating the time she felt it required. Barb continues to support the GAMRU unit in fundraising along with her husband Don who remains an active member.
Barb Cook
Retired Members with 10 Years of Service

10 Years of Service

The following members have retired after 10 years of service to the CCGA

Joanne Munroe

Joanne was a member of the CCGA unit FANCY CANOE based in Wallaceburg.  She attained the position of Advanced Crew and was an integral member of the crew and ready to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed.  Joanne, along with two (2) other crew members formed a team and competed in the 2006 Central & Arctic Regional SAR competitions.  They placed 3rd.  A great accomplishment!
Joanne Munroe

Fergus and Carolyn Reid

Ferg and Carolyn Reid were members of the PARA Unit. They made significant contributions to the CCGA training program, management structure, and ISAR 2007.

Stuart Suckling

Stuart was a member of PARA and originally joined the organization in 1969.  He re-joined PARA and the CCGA in 1997 and then served as a Prevention Officer, Vice Commodore, District Boating Safety Coordinator under John Levantis.  Stuart was one of the original members of the CMRA.
Stuart Suckling
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